from by Fatzobomb



Drop your weapons and
lose your body into
the war drum.
In salty waters you'll find
the sweet embrace of

I'll just leave you a notice
when i'll find something
to care about
the hopeless bitterness
that's entwined
to all your commas.

Nothing's funnier than unhappines
your descent and flawless fall from grace.
As the whole world keeps
his solemn pace
you peep everybody
from a hidden place.

Stills of your tattered
psalms are raging through
the whole land.
Since all the prayers
you raved about are filled
with empty words.

All that's left are the scrawny
fingers of yours pointing
the starry night.
But dawn is starting
to set its lights
upon your drama


from Fatzobomb EP, released June 8, 2015



all rights reserved


Fatzobomb Livorno, Italy

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