Fatzobomb EP

by Fatzobomb

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released June 8, 2015

Fatzobomb are:
Filippo Bandecchi - Drums
Lorenzo Bianchi - Guitar
Alessio Vaccai - Bass
Valerio Vallini - Guitar; vocals

Recorded at 360 Music Factory Studio Recording by Andrea Pachetti with the assistance of Iuri Giorgetti.
Mastered by Martin Faveyear at Jupiter Studios



all rights reserved


Fatzobomb Livorno, Italy

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Track Name: Gorilla Flu
Wandering through the night
your call hangs as a noose,
happiness's just a few drinks away
let 'em loose.
Cover my breath in wine
and sip my soul as i throw
the inventions of sorrow out from the room
and ask or more

Let your finger slither
i'll take care of your quivers.
Blood hums
as rattlesnake tongue

Oh lil' dove
the shades awaits
for your shapes to form
Let us wolves
devour your scent
and call a truce.
Oh lil' dove
the shades awaits
for your turn to moan
let us wolves
come at your door
and be yours.

Sharp as the razor teeth
your moves engraved on my lips.
I follow the silver path of your tricks
and grab your hips.
Let your nails jangle over my back
as a big blackboard all starred with chalk
and i linger on while you put
salt on wounds
Track Name: Peckinpah
Drop your weapons and
lose your body into
the war drum.
In salty waters you'll find
the sweet embrace of

I'll just leave you a notice
when i'll find something
to care about
the hopeless bitterness
that's entwined
to all your commas.

Nothing's funnier than unhappines
your descent and flawless fall from grace.
As the whole world keeps
his solemn pace
you peep everybody
from a hidden place.

Stills of your tattered
psalms are raging through
the whole land.
Since all the prayers
you raved about are filled
with empty words.

All that's left are the scrawny
fingers of yours pointing
the starry night.
But dawn is starting
to set its lights
upon your drama
Track Name: Emma Stoned
Drift on your side
let our lips collide,
gimme a taste of the storm.
Cover your eyes
let our limbs intertwine,
etch me with one of your thorns.

Rain your curls on me
with lashes hold me still
nail me on your leather throne.
My veins are all starred
with your ruby teethmarks,
as candles paint our skin in gold

The trails you left
pushed me deep down your nest
and all that surrounds me are your forms.
Gather the snakes
that you branded and tamed
and i'll be the best of your flock.

Bathed in tar with our
flesh turned as altar
we'll immolate the gloom of the world.
Heavens above, they
cannot ignore how
restless we are here below.

Unfold your light
throw your clothes all over
the room.
Don't waste your time
spread the lust
like a fever.
Unfold your wires
wrap me up you know
what to do.
Let our sweet choir
tear the void apart

Drift on your side
let our lips collide,
gimme a taste of the storm.
Cover your eyes
let our limbs intertwine,
etch me with one of your thorns.

Streams of wax carves
the sphinxes of our tracks
as time goes by eroding the stone.
Demons themselves
are trying to decode the
corners of you left unknown
Track Name: Life Of Tanguero
Cold faced
i'm falling in the haze of dawn
and swords
of Damocles adorns my dome.
Oh i sleep tight.
I'll dwell
on ocean floors while i'm too slack
to swim
and struggle for what i deserve.
I'm fine here

And without a sound
into inertia i'm bound
i'll find my fire
in carcasses

Reach out
for icons i cannot remove
and arrogance's
what i preserve from youth
and show off.
In here
where treasures are all bound to sink
all over the ruins i've built,
i bloom still.